Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Kitchenaid Artisan Beater

Discover the benefits of our new improved Stainless Steel, dishwasher safe Beater for your KitchenAid mixer

KitchenAid is unquestionably the best stand mixer on the market.  Checkout any top 10 review of stand mixers and you will almost always find the KitchenAid mixer at the top of the list.

So why should you consider purchasing additional KitchenAid parts?  And specifically, why should you consider upgrading your KitchenAid mixer attachments with our new Beater?

This could be the ideal time of year, with Christmas just around the corner, to treat yourself to an upgrade for your KitchenAid or buy a new Beater for one of your friends.

It seems that KitchenAid have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to their accessories. 

Here are our five reasons why we believe that upgrading your KitchenAid beater is a smart idea:

Improved Tree Shape

You may have noticed when using your mixer, that the beater does not always reach the mix right at the bottom of the bowl.  This means that you have to stop, lift the mixer head and scrape the bowl with your spatula.  Our improved tree shape design of our mixer attachment for your KitchenAid solves this problem.

High Quality Stainless Steel

While the quality of the KitchenAid mixer is extremely high, it seems that there is definitely room for improving the KitchenAid beater. Often made from less expensive materials such as aluminium or coated with enamel, such beaters can chip or break when you are using them.  Unlike the original KitchenAid beater, our Beater is made of a very high quality Stainless Steel which means that it is durable and very hygienic.

No Coating to Chip

As a consequence of using only high quality stainless steel for our product, there are no coatings to chip or become damaged.  This means that you can be confident that our improved beater will provide you with years of problem free service with your KitchenAid Artisan mixer.

Food won’t become ingrained

If there is no coating, food cannot become ingrained.  It is important when cooking to be confident that your implements are all spotlessly clean when you start cooking and with our improved Beater, you can be completely sure that your food will not be spoiled by a dirty beater when preparing recipes with your KitchenAid mixer.

Dishwasher Safe

Keeping the best news until last, our improved Beater for your KitchenAid is completely dishwasher safe.  This means you can be sure that once you have finished your food preparation, you can just put the beater into the dishwasher and be completely confident that it will be spotlessly clean when you are ready to use your KitchenAid Artisan mixer next time.

What should you do next?

We all love using our KitchenAid mixer, as they make cooking so easy and such a pleasure.  It seems nonsensical to us to compromise on the accessories when you can have our beautiful Stainless Steel Beater, which will not only give you years of improved food preparation, but also looks amazing too!

Why struggle on, hand washing your old chipped beater, when at a stroke you can delight yourself by upgrading your mixer with our beautiful dishwasher safe Beater

Just imagine what your kitchen will look like when you replace your battered old beater!  This would be the ideal Christmas present from a loved one who is struggling to know what to buy you!

Of course, you may have a friend, who also shares your love of all things KitchenAid, in which case wouldn’t this make a brilliant present for them too!

Tilt-Head Beater
69.99 79.99

Premium Stainless Steel Beater - for Kitchenaid Tilt Head Mixers

- 100% Dishwasher Safe
- Hand Polished
- Fits Artisan, Classic, KSM150, K45SS, KSM100, KSM75, KSM90 and Many More
- WEIGHT: 426 grams- MATERIAL: 18/8 Stainless Steel
- WIDTH: 13.5cm
- HEIGHT: 15.3cm
- DEPTH (of attachment hub): 3.5cm
- DEPTH (of beater): 1cm

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