Our Baking Blog - all things chocolate!

Welcome to the first of our blogs! We hope that you have been enjoying our posts on Instagram and Facebook and thought it would be nice to give you a little background to some of the recipes and our reasons behind them.

First let me be honest, I am not a chef nor do I make cakes and puddings for a living. I am simply a home baker, who loves making puddings and cakes and sharing them with my family, friends and everyone at the office!!! I really got into baking 18 years ago, when my husband bought me my KitchenAid mixer (for a special birthday) and things have developed from there.

Here at K A Parts, we are very proud of our stainless steel beater, which we have designed especially for KitchenAid tilt head mixers, and so you may have noticed that many of our posts have been us experimenting with our beater.

Anyway, enough of the background, let’s get on with our recipes for this week…

This week with Valentine’s day on the way, we agreed in the office that the only way to go was chocolate! Our recipe is a decadent chocolate truffle torte courtesy of the BBC Food Food website (click on the link to get details of the recipe) - dieters please turn away now!

It is really easy to whip up using our stainless steel whisk (more of this a little later) and we have paired it up with a simple fruit coulis, made with frozen fruit, to make it a really indulgent treat for the one(s) you love!! You simply need dark chocolate, golden syrup, double cream, instant coffee granules, cinnamon and some cocoa powder for dusting at the end. And the best part of all is that this recipe requires no baking at all!!!


Our other recipe this week is a [dark chocolate chip banana bread]2 using those left-over bananas that I always seem to have in the kitchen. This recipe, unlike our Valentines day one, is totally dairy free and gluten free for those of you with allergies.

I found this recipe in a cookbook called "The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen Cookbook" by Emma Hatcher – a fabulous read and definitely a go to book if you are following a FODMAP diet. I follow Emma’s blog too http://www.shecanteatwhat.com and you can find her recipe there too.

We would love to hear from you! Please let us know if we have inspired you to try any of the recipes that we feature – tag us or share them with our page.

See you soon,

Sam xx