Our Baking Blog - Chocolate Cake & Mother's Day Competition!!!

Hi, this week we are very proud to announce that we want to give away one of our stunning stainless steel beaters to one of our followers for Mother’s Day!!

I decided to make a chocolate cake to go with our competition post – as over the last few weeks I have been trying out all kinds of different things and so I thought it would be lovely to share a really simple but decadent rich chocolate cake that you could make for your Mum(s) for Mother’s Day!

I know that every family has their own special chocolate cake recipe but I wanted to try something a little richer and I was also looking for something that was simple but could be decorated to look stunning!


This chocolate cake recipe I found on the Allrecipes website (click on the link for the recipe) is brilliant because of its all in one method! I also liked that it is a little lighter but very moist due to the combination of the vegetable oil and 250ml of boiling water that is incorporated into mixture. Simply mix all the dry ingredients together and then mix in the eggs, milk, oil and finally the boiling water.

I really enjoy mixing cake mixtures using our beater as the stainless steel helps to combine the ingredients quickly, making light work of the mixing and when I am finished, I can just simply put our beater in the dishwasher! Simple!


Once the cake has cooled, make the rich buttercream icing and cover the cake with the icing. Now this is where your imagination can go wild! I love fresh fruit berries and have simply decorated the top of my cake with strawberries and blueberries but you are only limited by your creativity! You could use edible flowers, chocolates and confectionary like chocolate fingers or Malteasers!


So, don’t forget to go to our Instagram or Facebook pages to enter our competition and maybe you could win our beater as the perfect gift for your Mum for Mother’s Day.

Happy baking!

Sam xx