Our Baking Blog - Chocolate Brownies


This week I decided to focus on chocolate - many of you may have given it up for Lent, so I thought it would be productive to showcase a fabulously rich and yummy chocolate brownie recipe that you could make during the Easter weekend following the end of Lent!

I am using a recipe from a cookbook that we have found is selling really well on our website and also on Amazon at the moment. It is called "The Ultimate Mixer Cookbook" (please click on the link to buy the cookbook) and features recipes from around the world and its images features the KitchenAid Artisan mixer and accessories.

Chocolate brownies of course originate from the United States and this recipe combines rich dark chocolate (I would only recommend using 70% dark chocolate to make this) with white chocolate chips which makes these brownies so dense and chocolatey.

As you can see from the images, our KA beater, combines the chocolate brownie mixture quickly and easily, ensuring that none of the ingredients are left in the bottom of the bowl. The weight of our stainless steel beater, mixes the ingredients rapidly and when I finished I popped our beater straight into the dishwasher, the only one that can be safely washed in this way!

Our KA beater mixing in the white chocolate chips

Our KA beater mixing in the white chocolate chips

With Easter nearly upon us, you may want to make something simple and delicious. These brownies are that go to recipe, which is also easy for the children to make with you too and a fun way to introduce baking with the family too.

Do let us know what you are planning to bake for this Easter weekend - we would love to hear from you and share your recipes and images online.

Have a great week and happy baking!

Sam xx