Our Baking Blog - The perfect Lemon Tart


This week for the May Bank holiday I decided to make a pudding that I adore but have been too scared to make! The luscious lemon tart! I love a lemon tart but have always been terrified of making the shortcrust pastry base.

I found Raymond Blanc’s fabulous lemon tart recipe online (please click for the details) and followed his instructions to the letter. What amazed me was how few ingredients were needed! Raymond’s recipe made a 9 inch round tart which easily gave 6 large portions and still left me with half a tart for the following days!

You do need to concentrate when making this pudding, allowing time for the pastry and mixtures to rest between stages but the recipe produced the most wonderful, crisp, sweet and buttery crust and a delicious creamy and lemony filling.

I used our beater initially to combine the dry ingredients; beating the butter and sugar vigorously together before combining the egg yolks . I then added the flour by hand, making the breadcrumbs and then kneading the pastry mixture. Later on I used our prototype stainless steel whisk to whisk up the lemon juice, zest, sugar, eggs and double cream. It worked like a dream - which is great news for the future!

Once baked in the oven, the tart is left out at room temperature before gently refrigerating. I served it simply with fresh berries and creme fraiche. A perfect dinner party pudding for a spring evening!

We hope that you enjoy the long weekend and do try and make this recipe - if I can do it, anyone can!!!

Have great week and happy baking!

Sam xx