Frequently asked questions

Why is the beater better than the beaters I already have?

The beater is made of stainless steel and is stronger than the other beaters. It is also dishwasher safe and has no coating on it which means no flaking in your ingredients.

What material is the beater made of?

The beater is made of 18/8 Stainless steel.

How does the stainless steel beater performance compare to the original beater?

Our stainless steel beater has been designed to perform better in several ways.  Although heavier, the weight is well balanced around the central axis.  The profile of the beater at the edges is designed to cut through the mix more efficiently than the original beater.  The central core is smoother than the original and pass through ingredients with less resistance.  Tests carried out with a thick flour and water mix using several beaters showed a very slight performance improvement.  In tests, the heavier beater seemed to mix ingredients much quicker than the original.  

Will the extra weight of the beater put more load on my mixer?

Although heavier, the weight is balanced around the central axis of the beater.  As the beater is used in the mixer it moves in a similar way to a fairground waltzer (tilt-a-whirl).  This motion causes the outer edges of the beater spins fast however the balanced beater ensures the load is evenly spread in opposite directions which prevents any extra lateral load on the shaft.   The added momentum created by the extra weight acts like a fly wheel and helps to balance out the load on the mixer when used in mixes that are initially inconsistent.  Many hours of testing have not shown there to be any excessive wear.  

Is the beater dishwasher safe?

The beater is dishwasher safe.

Do you sell a stainless steel beater with a white coating?

The beater is only sold as plain stainless steel. Stainless steel is food safe and does not leave any taste so a coating is not necessary.

How much does the beater cost?

Please see our store for the best price.